How to make sure that the people are enforcing the law? Spoiler alert: it involves trust and legitimacy!

  • September 1, 2019
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When you need to make sure that the rules and regulations are being followed by the people, in the very form established by the constitution, you need to put efforts on your side as well. All the law enforcement agency needs to do is improve the relationships they maintain with the public. This boosts trust and keeps up the faith the people have in them. For those, who go out of the line and do not put up with the laws, they end up in the prison that records are maintained in the prison directory.

What are the powers that a law enforcing agent possesses?

  • The law enforcing agency that works on the basic level and does most of the work is police. Thus to modify the topic, you can say that these are the powers of a police officer:
  • When a suspect does not respond sincerely to the commands give by the police officer, he has every right to use the techniques that stabilize the balance. He can take the assistance of other police officers, put on high intensity verbal or physical commends to make the suspect surrender.
  • If the suspect is not willing to cooperate with the police officer and the inspection process, makes it hard to catch and take control of him, the officer can make use of devices that hit him on the joins or the muscles/ Motor points. He can strike him to manipulate him in giving up.
  • If the suspect does not cooperate at all and starts fighting back like wrestling, pushing, or use weapons, then the police have the right to hit him, use pepper sprays, or electric current devices and baton techniques in the deadly form in defense.


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